My Predictions for Nexus 5

nexus 5 prediciotnI have some predictions for the next Nexus device, the Nexus 5.  Now, I really do not know whether the next Nexus device will actually be called Nexus 5 but it is a good guess.  My first guess is that the Nexus 5 will NOT be produced by Motorola.  Google has a very strong relationship with Samsung and I do not think Google will want to weaken their relationship with Samsung.  Google probably wants Samsung to produce the next generation of Chrome books and Google TV devices.  Motorola just sold set box units so I do not think Motorola will produce them.  In addition, it seems that Google is firing a ton of people at Motorola and organizing a proper team at Motorola will take some time.

My second prediction is that the Nexus 5 will have a 5 inch screen.  Many of the top phones being released soon such as the HTC DNA will have a 5 inch 1080P screen.  Thus, it is likely that the Nexus 5 will follow suit with a 5 inch 1080P screen.  In fact, Nexus might even out do the HTC DNA with a 5.2 inch screen but it seems unlikely.  A screen larger than 5 inches will be hard to hold in a hand.

The Nexus 4 had a glass back but I seriously doubt that the Nexus 5 will have a glass back.  Google copied Apple when they decided to put a glass back in the Nexus 4.  However, Apple realized that glass was not a smart choice and replaced it with aluminum for the iPhone 5 as it was extremely easy to crack.  The Nexus 5 will probably have a aluminum back or plastic as those materials are both more durable than  glass.

Recently, Google bought Viewdle which has futuristic imaging and recognition features.  It could bring improved gesture support and refined facial recognition for the Nexus 5.  You can view a video displaying Viewdle’s technology below:

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