Noozy Music Player Pulled From Google Play Store

Noozy Music Player had become one of my personal favorite music players.  However shortly after its release in the Google Play Store, it was pulled by Google.  Noozy was just a music player app that was inspired by the Zune Music Player.   Luckily, I do have an APK of Noozy Music Player so we will still be able to enjoy it.

Noozy brings Zune’s UI to Android.   The album art appears behind the play controls as you play the song just like they did in the Zune Music Player.  Noozy also allows you to listen to thousands of streaming internet radio stations.  Although, Noozy is a relatively simple music player, it does have some advanced audio controls as well as an equalizer.

Many people have blamed Microsoft for requesting Google to pull the app but I am not so certain that Microsoft was the one who put in the request.  There are many Android launchers that are surprisingly similar to Windows Phone but they have not been pulled.  I actually believe the request was put in by Sony.  The developer of the app also happens to work for Sony and he made a Noozy Media Player app for PSP.  It is possible Sony pulled it because they both shared “Noozy,” but then again I might be wrong.

You can download the Noozy Music Player below:

Noozy Music Player APK

You may notice that there are TWO files in the folder.  One of them is the actual music player while the other one is the sound processor that goes along with the app.  The developer claims that it produces a higher quality sound.  I advise  you to install both to have the optimal experience.

  • Andre

    What a disappointment. Windows phone will NEVER do this.

  • DevStaff

    It did get pulled because this is a stolen app, with changed name. The original app is called Z-Player and its paid, so this player is just a stolen copycat.

    • Super2cool

      Oh. Thanks for telling me mate. I did find the apps to be similar but I did not think that the app was copied.

    • A

      If I’m not mistaken, it’s modded. But yeah, based on a paid app.