Best Music Players for Android

Music is a topic forefront on most minds. It is an amazingly addictive phenomenon that entrances anyone and everyone – including us Android geeks. So, while flashing and reflashing may be our center of attention, music isn’t far behind. This raises the question – what music player does one use? A n00b’s answer would be “There’s already a music player in Android”. Most of us however, know better. So here it is, the Battle Royale of some of the best music players for the Android OS.

Let the Battle Begin! 

 is the best music player and there is no doubt about that. PowerAMP music player for android has grabbed everyone’s attention ever since it’s release. It outruns it’s competitors with ease and without denial, has beaten Google’s own music player. PowerAMP, by MaxMP, has everything : looks, functionality and ease of usage. One of it’s primary features is to play nearly every known audio format : even weird ones like flac and aac. It provides an easy to use interface, with a highly adjustable equalizer for music freaks. What’s more, it sports android’s best feature : customization. PowerAMP has quite a few skins available on the market : just download and apply.  It is also able to dwonload missing album art.  In addition, PowerAmp has headset support which means that if you disconnect your headset the music will stop and will resume on connection.  However, headset support can be disabled in the settings.  PowerAmp is a PAID app but it does give you a generous 15 day trial to decide whether you want to buy the app or not.  One of the biggest drawbacks of PowerAmp is that it does not have support for Podcasts which may be a deal breaker for you.  Nevertheless, PowerAmp is a great music player.  It can play most files and is extremely easy to use.  The look of PowerAmp can also be changed by applying visual themes.  It would be the perfect player if it had podcast support.

TTPod came very close to edging out PowerAmp and is still a great music player. While it doesn’t provide half the functionality that PowerAMP does, TTPod has a feature quite unique among players. It automatically downloads Album Art and lyrics of any song within seconds.  However, it does not always download the correct album art and lyrics.  The app searches for it via the internet and it occasionally makes mistakes. This, coupled with a widget that shows the downloaded lyrics on the home screen, is great for people who listen to music because of the lyrics. TTPod is basically themable with a few inbuilt themes and a few available on Google Play and has a decent range of playable formats.  Using the app is relatively easy.  If you want add a song in your library just select a folder and all the songs in that folder will be added.  You can play a song by just tapping it.  However, updating the app causes problems.  When you update the TTPod app, it’s language settings are changed to Japanese.  Many of the help files for the app are in Japanese as well.  However, downloading the app from the Google Play store does install the English version.  It is only when the app updates is when it switches the language to Japanese.  You should also keep in mind that the lyrics that the app downloads are not of the the clean versions of the songs and may contain swearing.  Nevertheless, this is still a great app and is FREE.

Google Play Music 
deserves a spot on this list. Coming in third and giving tough competition to PowerAMP and TTPod, is Google’s own Google Music. Google music is highly underrated by most people when the words  “non themable” are uttered. Google Music doesn’t need to be themed – it already sports a sleek ICS theme. The feature that brings Google Music up top is the one thing that no other player can do : Sync with Google Music’s cloud. This allows you to backup your songs online for easy access across multiple systems. In the era of virtual hard drives, this is a big boost to Google Music.  However, if you are not always connected to the internet, you can download your song via the Google music app.  It also sports a decent range of supported formats, and has great sorting techniques.  Google Music is a simple app.  It can only do one thing and that is play music.  It cannot download album art or lyrics like TTPod.  It also does not have the fancy equalizer that PowerAmp has.  In addition, it also cannot play .flac music which may be a deal breaker for music freaks.  In addition, some countries are not yet supported by Google Music and if you live in one of them you will not be able to download the Google Music android app.  However for most people, Google Music should be adequate for most people.  Most people have their music library in the .mp3 format which is supported by Google Music so it should be able to play your library.  In addition, it can play all the songs you have backed up in your Google Music account.  The Google Music Android App should be more than enough for most people but if you are a music freak you may want to take a look at PowerAmp or TTPod.

Quick Picks


 Highly adjustable equalizer, Plays almost ANY format, Downloads missing album art, Various skins,Headset, support, tag editor, Fast folder scan, scrobbling, lock screen controls, great widgets, high level of customization

 NO Podcast support, no streaming support, PAID app ($4.99)

 Android 2.1 and up

 Download PowerAmp (15 Day Trial) from Google Play Store


 Automatically downloads album art and lyrics, few skins, decent range of playable formats, FREE

 Lyrics and some parts of the player are in Japanese

 Android 2.1 and up

 Download TTPod from Google Play Store

Google Play Music

 Slick ICS Theme, Integrated with Google Music’s Cloud, Supports only the most popular music formats (mp3)

 Cannot be themed, No equalizer, Cannot download album art or lyrics, May not be available for download in some countries,

 Android 2.2 and up

 Download Google Play Music from Google Play Store