The Must Have App for Driving on the Road

When you are on the road, it is a bit hard to keep an eye on your phone.  However, Driving Assistant Robin makes driving on the road a little bit easier.  It speaks to you and tells you how much time is left for you to reach your destination.  It also provides you with alternative routes in case there is a road closing or other forms of interruption.

Driving Assistant Robin also has a few more features as well.  While you are on the road, it will read your facebook feed, twitter stream, and NPR news headlines to you.  It will also read them in different voices while reading different headlines.

The most useful information in my opinion is the ability to read incoming text messages and emails while you are on the road.  This is insanely useful.  You no longer have to take your eyes of the read to read your messages.  Driving Assistant Robin will read them for you.  The app sports a very sleek look and is now free in the Google Play Store.

Robin Driving Assistant - Google Play Store