iOS 6 vs Android

If your an Android user and are feeling a little down because of all the new features that Apple is releasing in iOS 6 then do not be.  In fact, Android has had many of iOS 6′s best features for years.  I would not even be surprised if Apple was “inspired” by Android and then copied some Android features.  Personally, I think Android is far superior but you should see for yourself.

Turn by Turn Navigation

Apple has announced that their new Maps application will have turn by turn navigation guided via Siri.  However, there is one MAJOR flaw in it.  There are only driving directions.  Bus and walking directions are no longer available.  If you live in the city, Apple’s Maps may not be enough for you.

Android comes with Google Maps which does have support for turn by turn navigation, driving, walking, and bus directions.  Google Maps also has biking directions as well.  Now, I should mention that Google Maps will most likely be available as an app in the Apple App store so its not really a major problem for iPhone users.


This is actually a new innovative feature that Apple released which keeps track of your passes and plane tickets.  It is already supported by Starbucks and other major airlines.

Android has Google Wallet which is sort of an alternative to Passbook.  However, it does not have the major partners and support that Passbook has but that can all change with time.

VIP Mail

Apple has updated the email app to include VIP mail.  Basically, you can VIP your contacts and when your VIP contacts send you an email, they show up in a special inbox.

Apple most likely copied this from Gmail.  Android’s Gmail app has priority mail which sorts your inbox to show your most important emails first.

Facebook Integration

The next version of iOS has greater integration with Facebook.  Basically, it allows you to share from wherever you want and you can upload pictures that you take faster to Facebook.

Android has always had deep integration with Facebook.  With Android, you can take a picture and then upload it to facebook easily.

Panorama Photos

Apple’s iOS 6 adds support for panorama photos which allows you to take wider pictures. Android has had panorama support for a very long time.  I believe Google added it in ICS but I am not exactly sure.