Hyped Music Streams Music for FREE

If you want to stream music to your Android device then you need to have a Spotify premium account.  If you want to stream music to your Android device via Rdio then you need to pay a monthly fee.  While there are many Android apps that you listen to the radio for free, HypedMusic is the only one that actually allows you to stream music for a cool price of FREE.

HypedMusic basically allows you to stream music via either their website or their Android app.  Streaming music is extremely simple.  Just press the search button in the top right corner and then type the name of the song that you want to listen to.  There is also playlist support which is great but you need to create an account on HypedMusic for it to work.  The way the app works is that it pulls songs from various sites such as Tumblr, SoundCloud and BandCamp and then plays it via the HypedMusic app.  The app does not actually host any songs but instead just allows you to stream the song from the original source via their clean interface.  In my own testing, popular songs were available but many lesser known songs I could not find.

The Android app works great but it is not perfect.  First of all, there are no social features in the app.  This means that you cannot share a song you like with a friend or like it on facebook.  This is not really a big deal from me because I don’t use social networks that often but it may be a deal breaker for others.  Luckily, the app developer has informed that they plan to add social features soon.  There is also no volume control in the app.  This means that there is no way to change the volume of a song with in the app but it can still be done by pressing down on volume button on your phone.

HypedMusic was made by 3 high school kids and it is a great feat for them.  In my own opinion, this is one of the best ways to stream music on your Android and the project still has a long way to go.  The android app has been in development for nearly a month and the website has been up for over a year now.  Hopefully, HypedMusic will continue to remain free and awesome.

The app is currently only available on Android but an iPhone app is coming soon.

Download HypedMusic from Google Play Store