Microsoft Office comes to Android

Microsoft Office was recently released for iPhone but now I can finally say the same for Android as Microsoft Office for Android has arrived. Unfortunately, there is no tablet version and Microsoft has NO plans to add

Google releases Yelp alternative

Google recently purchased the restaurant and nightlife review service, Zagat, and just today released a brand new website and android app (and iOS) for the service. The design matches the feel of other Google apps and has

Locket pays you to unlock your Android phone

I have seen ads nearly every place imaginable. Ads were shown in my notification bar, games, and other apps. However, the lock screen was one place where I had never seen an ad before. If you wanted

Disable Gmail tabs

Google has finally started rolling out their much hated gmail tabbed interface. Luckily, there is a way to disable this hideous interface and return gmail to be looking clean and simple. In order to disable gmail tabs,

Alternatives to Astrid

Astrid was one of my favorite apps on the Android platform but unfortunately Yahoo bought the wonderful company and has decided to shut down the Astrid app. In fact on August 5th, 2013, Astrid will be officially

eGraffiti brings graffiti to the globe

Many people enjoy graffiti since it’s a very colorful type of art. However, graffiting might not be possible for many people out there since spray paint is banned in many places and there since there has been

Get iOS 7 Control Center in Android

Many Android apps copy features from the iOS platform. However, the apps are usually not as good as the iOS counterpart. The Control Center for Android copies the iOS Control Center with near perfection. If you swipe

Sonic Submarine Diversion is better than Jetpack Joyride

I have always been a fan of games that were similar to Jetpack Joyride and for a long time Jetpack Joyride was my favorite game.  However, I can safely say that Sonic Submarine Diversion is my favorite

Photo Live Wallpaper displays your photos on the homescreen

A photo is worth a thousand words, but this app isn’t worth that much. Sure it showcases your photos in somewhat of a unique way, but it’s loaded with adware.  If it weren’t for the loads of

Store sensitive information in SafeWallet

I always tend to forget the things value the most which are my bank account number and my passwords for adult sites. Luckily, SafeWallet is now available on Android and it will store all my sensitive information.